Behind the scenes at the furniture hire company

Ever wanted to know where I go and what I do when I hire furniture, art and accessories for you?  We are lucky in Brisbane to have a number of companies that hire furniture on a short term basis.  I use Guest Group in Salisbury. Let’s go inside…

After I’ve looked at what you need – anything from a partial staging to a full staging, I send your hire requirements to my contact Matthew at Guest. He then draws up a quote and the required paperwork.  You sign the agreement and make a bank transfer for the full hire amount. I can then get to work choosing your items.

Guest is housed in 2 large warehouses which are boiling hot most of the year.  I get to wear my visitor’s neon yellow vest and enclosed shoes (Good not to dress in your best ‘I’m a stylist’ outfit – you’ll only get it dirty!) Matthew prepares me a clipboard of all my requested items along with the all important stickers. As I choose each item I use the sticker to secure it then write down the asset number of the piece on my clipboard next to each item. The asset number is never in an easy to see place so there is lots of scrabbling around under tables and tipping up chairs going on. The other 2 key things I need are a tape measure (to make sure what I’m choosing will fit properly) and my iphone to keep checking the pictures I took of your rooms and to look on Pinterest for inspiration boards on colour or a specific design style

When I go to the warehouse I need to hold a visual of the look I want but also be prepared to evolve this along the way. There is a huge turnover of items at Guest and every time I go I see different things. There is no point setting your heart on a charcoal sectional when there is nothing of that size, style and colour  in the warehouse that day. Sometimes, also what IS in the warehouse will inspire me. Only last week I thought I was going to go with a certain colour combination only to fall in love with some cushions that were more neutral in tone. They inspired my whole colour scheme (see cushions below)

I usually choose the furniture first, followed by the artwork. I often find just the thing I’m looking for only to find another stylist has put their sticker on already. As you can see from the pictures below, the items are not merchandised – they are stacked or leaned up against each other so there is lots of delving round and climbing over things going on!

After the furniture and artwork comes the rugs, bedlinen and cushions then finally the accessories. The accessories can then take their cues from the artwork  bedlinen and cushions. The accessories are my favourite part and one of the key reasons that I choose Guest. They don’t impose a limit on the number of accessories you choose so you can go quite mad picking whatever you fancy. The accessory aisle looks something like this:

Warning: If you can’t make a decision don’t become a home stager!  Here’s an example of some of my choosen accessories before they are packed up for delivery

Choosing bed linen is fun although it needs lots of double checking – you don’t want to get to the property and find you have a double valance when you wanted a Queen size one or that you forgot your pillow inserts. Linda, who works at Guest has a tireless job keeping this area (and the accessories) organised.

Choosing all the elements for a staging is no small job. Every single item needs to work in terms of overall look, size, scale, colour etc.  This is a fun yet time consuming job. After a couple of hours my mind is usually swimming from ‘interiors overload’  – the hire furniture equivalent of eating too much cheesecake.  When every item is recorded on my sheet, every cushion and sheet bagged up and every accessory awaiting packing I give the sheet back to Matthew. In the next 48 hours he will make sure that everything I have chosen gets packed on the truck and arrives at your property to be unpacked, positioned and styled.

Here’s a picture of the final result using the cushions and accessories above

I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If  you have a vacant or partly vacant property that requires furnishing so that it sells quickly, for the best price and with the least stress then give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website

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