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Your entrance hall is the first opportunity buyers will have of seeing inside your house (after their first impressions of the outside) so it’s important to stage it right. The hallway needs to set the tone for the rest of the house in terms of colour, style and feeling. If buyers love your hallway they will want to continue onto the other rooms.  Here are a couple of tips:

  • Daily life needs to be stored away. No evidence of keys, shoes, schoolbags, hats, post, homework or family photos
  • If your hallway is your main entrance then it probably needs a good clean and a coat of paint. Hallways usually take a lot of wear and tear
  • The paint colour that you choose should blend in with the rest of the house and be light yet welcoming. A warm neutral such as Dulux Hogbristle, quarter or half strength is perfect

  • Hallways are often dark so make sure there is adequate lighting. A feature light works well in hallways

  • If you have polished floors a runner is a nice addition. Just make sure it fits the space and use one large rather than lots of bitty rugs
  • If you have the space use the classic hallway set up of a console table with artwork or mirror above.  This is a great place to place a vase of flowers and your real estate agent can also use it for cards and brochures. If you have the room then an occasional chair or bench works too.  If you need a place to store your stuff then consider a lidded box or basket that you can keep under the console table (see below)

  • If you are selling a family house then showing how your entrance works for your family is a good idea. Just edit the stuff and keep it unnaturally tidy. The picture below gives you an idea but I would edit it even more!

  • Remember to think about who you are selling to. The entrance below gives subtle cues to a family looking for beach fun.


  • If you have a long narrow hallway then a focal point at the end of the hallway such as console table, chair or artwork helps shorten it.

  • If you don’t have a hallway in your property then use the ideas above to create one in your entrance room. A console with flowers and art over is all that you need.
I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the western suburbs of Brisbane. If you would like help staging your property to sell then give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website 

All pictures from my Pinterest board. Click through to find the original source

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