Is your house ready for it’s own opening ceremony?

Did you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony this morning?  I loved it. I’m English and lived in London for 20 years before a permanent move to Australia in 2005. The show made me homesick – the first time in a long while. You don’t realise how much you absorb a culture until maybe it’s played back to you.

So what’s this morning’s ceremony got to do with home staging? I tell my clients that selling a property is like putting on a show and that their property needs to be ‘show ready’ from it’s first open house. Today was a show on a massive scale – watched by the world. Here are 3 lessons to take from today’s spectacle.

1. Know what you’re communicating and who to

Danny Boyle the Opening Ceremony Creative Director said he was communicating “a picture of ourselves as a Nation. Where we have come from and where we want to be.” His Audience was a global one.  When selling your house you need to think about what you want your house to communicate. Is it happy families or party central or easy maintenance or peaceful haven? Getting clear on this will lead you to your most likely buyer e.g. young families or downsizers or young marrieds.  Every decision you make when preparing your house for sale – e.g. the purpose of the rooms, the upgrades required, the bedlinen on the beds can then be filtered through this information.

2. Prepare Prepare Prepare

I’m not sure Danny Boyle even considered ‘winging it’ as an option for the opening ceremony. He didn’t just think ‘we’ll sell tickets, open the doors and hope for the best’  I was reminded again this week whilst watching Selling homes abroad just how many sellers and their agents think they can just ‘list and wait’  Selling a property is an active process so you need to get active:  Plan out what needs to be done. Use this process to guide you – De-clutter, clean, repair and remodel, neutralise and ‘showcase’. Click here for more on this. Break the process down into easy steps, get help where you need it and then in the words of Mr Nike ‘Just Do It’.  The prize is within your grasp.

3. Show Time!

It’s great to keep in mind that every viewing is show time and every person who visits your property could be ‘the one’. You’ve done the hard work and set the stage. Now give your prospective buyers a show they won’t forget.

Thought I’d share the picture below before I go. It’s from Farrow and Ball – my favourite (very British) paint company and sadly difficult to find in Australia. Cute heh?


Let the games commence….


I’m Imogen Brown a home stager (and huge Olympics fan) based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If you would like help getting your property ready for it’s opening ceremony then give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website

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