Styling your coffee table to help sell your house

How can styling my coffee table help me sell my house you might well ask!

Styling one coffee table won’t clinch it, BUT selling your house is about creating a series of pleasing displays that help buyers imagine themselves living in your property and the coffee table is a great and easy place to start.

Firstly, if you don’t have a coffee table in your main living room you might want to think about getting one. It will help zone the living room furniture and give a more ‘pulled together’ look. If you don’t have a coffee table then 2 low side tables, stools or a trunk can also be used – see below for a couple of ideas:

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Once you have your coffee table, here are some general styling hints and tricks

1. Make sure that what you put on your coffee table relates to the overall purpose and look of the room and your prospective buyer. For example the room below is very grown up and quite feminine.  The coffee table is therefore styled with grown up and classy coffee table books and pink flowers that tie in with the curtains. Heavy african decorator items or children’s books would look wrong in this space.


2. Use building blocks/stacks of books.  A great stylist trick is to use 2-3 coffee table books then place something on top. For example a candle, small box, accessory or tea light holder (see below). A note on the books: think about your most likely buyer and what they might be interested in – travel, cookery, fashion, interiors etc. If you don’t have enough books or the right kind of books borrow from your local library, a wonderful free resource.


3. Use a tray to pull together your smaller objects. You are aiming for a nice vignette not a clutter of all your little bits and bobs. This is where trays come in. In the interior below the boxes and bowl on their own would look too small and cluttered. Put them on a tray and voila!


4. Use different heights and textures for interest. Here the silver jar and candles give an area of height against the lower boxes. Also, the candles, jar, flowers and boxes provide different textures for interest. Remember that buyers will be walking round your property not sitting down in it with their feet up watching the TV so you can afford to style to sell in a different way than if you were styling to live.


5. If in doubt, add flowers. You will notice that most of the images (including the one below) in this post include flowers. Flowers always bring a fresh dimension. This is also a good example of an ottoman used as a coffee table. Ottomans are a good idea for family homes as there are no sharp edges, double as somewhere else to sit and can be bought with valuable kid storage underneath.


I hope you found the above helpful. Just start moving items around and see what looks good. If you are interested in how to style different areas of your property to help sell your house then look at the ‘styling advice and inspiration’ section of this blog or go to my ‘let’s style it’ board on pinterest

I’m Imogen Brown a home stager based in the western suburbs of Brisbane. If you need home staging and property styling advice to help sell your property quickly, for the best price and with the least stress then give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website

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  1. So many great tips. A style coffee table does help add that final decorating layer:)

    1. ib69 says:

      I love a flat surface – crying out for some beautiful bits!

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