Home Staging ‘Best of’ from the 2013 IKEA Catalogue

I’ve received the 2013 IKEA catalogue. Have you?

If you need to fill in a few gaps or buy accessories before you list your house then a trip to IKEA is a good idea.  Big range, great prices, one stop shop, great meatballs!  The trick with IKEA is to:

  • Make a detailed list before you go (you can do this online)
  • Be speficic: e.g. Red vase for entry table
  • Buy items that don’t scream IKEA. The best bit about IKEA is finding items that look like you bought them from a high end shop

I’ve collated my top 20 IKEA products from the 2013 catalogue onto a Pinterest board. For the full board click here.  Whilst you’re there you can look at my other boards and follow me if you like what you see : )

For those of you who want to stay where you are, here are my Top 3 products for staging your house

I say this again and again to my clients. Investing in fresh bed linen before they sell gives a huge return on investment. The above  Malin Blad Quilt cover set is just $25 for a double and the colour and pattern are both on trend.  Add some bedside tables and lamps (white and silver or glass would work well), a couple of accessories and some artwork over the bed and you’re all set.

Next up is the new Hektar Floor Lamp. This lamp has a great industrial feel, will work in most interiors and  provides an instant update. I like floor lamps in interiors as they offer often much needed height but also another light source. Most houses don’t have enough light sources when buyers are looking for a light and bright home. Also, if you put the lamp next to an occasional chair with a cushion and maybe a book on a small side table you’re giving the buyer a nice little lifestyle scene.

My final choice is this towel. Towels are like bed linen – I usually recommend that my clients buy new, use them only for ‘show’ then take and enjoy them in their next house.   These Skagren bath towels would look great in a white bathroom and add both interest and colour. They also look a bit Missoni but cost far less. Buy the bath towel size for your towel rails. Bath sheets are too bulky

If you liked the above products, there’s more on my pinterest board

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I’m Imogen Brown a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If you are preparing your house to sell, give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website and we can discuss how I can best help you prepare your property so it sells quickly, for the best price and with the least stress all round. And if you hate going to IKEA I’d be happy to go for you!

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