Home Stager as Cupid

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I was thinking about love this morning during a home staging consultation: maybe it’s all the Valentine gifts I’m seeing in the shops.
It got me thinking about selling houses and how love is so important to the success of a sale.

I know that many sellers and their agents will think I’ve gone soft and that I’m wafting around my consultations doing my best Barbara Cartland impression but there is often a magic that takes place when a house is prepared for sale.

Megan Morton, the well-known Australian stylist calls it ‘house whispering’. I call it love, and when I’m staging a house it shows up in three places…….

… Click here for more on this post that I wrote for Real Estate.com just in time for Valentines Day.


I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If you would like me to help you prepare your house for sale so that buyers fall in love then give me a call on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website

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