How to prepare your property to list in 7 days

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My clients move house for many different reasons. Sometimes; a move interstate, selling Grandma’s house, divorce, ill health or money worries, they need to move very quickly.

If my clients need to move fast, chances are you might need to as well. With this in mind here are my 4 steps to listing your house in 7 days flat.


Follow the process below for speedy results:

A. De-clutter

As buyers want to see the features of your house and not your things, approx. 50% of your ‘stuff’ needs to be boxed up and stored away before you sell (this will make packing to move easier too). Think cupboards, garage, kid rooms but also furniture. Buyers will be walking round your house so they need to be doing this freely, not bumping into all those chairs in your living room.

B. Clean

Houses for sale need to be spookily clean both inside and out. Clean is still the number one thing buyers are looking for and gives the impression that your house is well maintained and a breeze to maintain.

C. Repair and Re-model

Buyers are looking to buy your house not your “to do” list. If you don’t make all necessary re-pairs buyers will think ‘time’ and ‘effort’ and multiply the perceived cost of fixing things to the power of 3. With a limited time frame re-models (if any) will have to be kept to a minimum.

D. Neutralise Fixed elements

When selling, the fixed elements of your house  (walls, floors, window coverings, bathroom suite) need to be neutral. Whatever your colour preference, the truth is most people prefer a neutral base so they can move straight in. This is particularly important for kids rooms.

E. Merchandise/Stage

This is the fun bit! Think about your most likely buyer. How many bedrooms will they need? What age are their kids? Do they want an office? Or a play area near the kitchen? Get clear on this then set up each room to appeal to them. Put the furniture in first then layer in the accessories that will capture the hearts and offers of your buyers.

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If you want to list in a week, your schedule will look something like this. Tight but do-able. You will need some help. See Step 3

DAY 7: List

DAY 6: Professional photos taken

DAY 5: Merchandise/Stage

DAY 3-4: Repairs/Re-model and Neutralise

DAY 2-3: Clean

DAY 1-2: De-clutter

DAY 1: Plan of action plus book in suppliers

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If you are working to a tight deadline,  you will need more help than if you were preparing over a longer period. On day 1, consider booking in the following suppliers to help you:


  • Order removal Boxes
  • Buy Aussie skip bag or hire Skip
  • Book storage facility (space sells so don’t store your boxes on site)
  • Hire or book van to take boxes to storage
  • Organise charity collection

For more information and contact details see How to get rid of your clutter before staging your house to sell  NB: You won’t have the time for a garage sale or to list items on Gumtree. Pack this up and sell after your move.


  • Book in handyman
  • Book in carpet company, plumber, electrician if required
  • Book in quick  re-models if required eg: new kitchen bench, new toilet
  • Book yard tidy up


  • When short on time professional cleaners are a worthy investment. Remember to clean both inside and outside. Ask for a pre-sale clean when you book your appointment


  • If you need help and especially if you need to hire furniture, artwork or accessories book a stager to measure up, choose then install. If you need help with shopping a stager can do this too. Stagers love to shop!

Note: If you haven’t already engaged a real estate agent you will also need to plan for this here.

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The above 3 points can be covered in the morning of day 1. With the correct process to follow, a timeline to work to and some help booked in you will feel a lot more in control. NOW it’s time to get yourself (with the help of family and friends) into action. Here are some things to consider:


  • Room by room:  Pack Away (Boxes), Throw away (Black bin bags) or give away (Green bin bags or labelled and put to one side)


  • You can do this yourself but just know a proper clean is a big job. Get help from a cleaning company or from family/friends. I cannot recommend this enough!

Repair / Re-model /Neutralise

  • Make a list of every repair required, wall that needs painting (particularly strong feature walls or pink kid bedrooms), or area that needs re-modelling
  • Buy everything required in one go. Bunnings should have everything you need


  • With most likely buyer and room purpose in mind, place your furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories in a way that will appeal to your target buyer and showcase the features of your house. If you need it a stager can help – just a couple of hours is all is takes.
  • Borrow or buy where required. The items that I most often recommend my clients buy in order of priority are: new bedlinen, towels, cushions, lamps, artwork,  rug, specific accessories. Consider one stop shop online stores such as Pillow Talk. You can shop in the evening after a day of de-cluttering.

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A final point. After all your hard work ask for professional photos. With so many buyers looking first on the internet, how your property is presented and photographed is of huge importance.

If you’ve read the above and still feel overwhelmed, or unconfident or up against the clock call a home stager. Better still if you are in the Brisbane area call me!  I’m Imogen Brown a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. Call me on 0432 994 056 or contact me through my website





2 thoughts on “How to prepare your property to list in 7 days

  1. Depending on your target market, you may also consider getting professional advice or help on presenting the garden area.

    I also suggest getting a well known real estate photographer with a proven track record for capturing quality images.
    When we sold our property through the sales team handled all of the external marketing and all we had to do was prep the house.

    The process from start to end took about a month before we could actually got some interested buyers.
    Great advice here as selling propert can be so stressfull.

    1. ib69 says:

      Thanks for this. Yes selling property can be very stressful. Having a plan of action or a stager to help can take away that feeling of overwhelm

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