Home Staging with IKEA 2013/2014

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I wasn’t sent an IKEA catalogue in the post this year. I know, it’s a disaster!  Luckily I had to drive past IKEA Logan the other day on the way back from a home staging consultation so I grabbed the chance of a look around whilst grabbing a catalogue too.

I’ve written about home staging with IKEA before but lots of people come to my blog with the search term “staging with IKEA” so I thought I’d write another post that incorporates all the new stuff.

So here are my top picks from the current IKEA catalogue if you are looking to stage your property to sell.

Accessories:  FREDLÖS Vase.  A great vase for flowers. Place in the centre of your dining room table or on the end of a console table, NOT in the middle (sorry, pet hate!)

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Small Furniture: You probably won’t need to buy large furniture when you sell but sometimes it’s good to plug the gaps with a smaller piece. for example this VEJMON Coffee table. I like to stage with round items and often use a round coffee table. If you think about it much of the furniture in a house is angular so adding a circle provides a softness to an interior and that’s more appealing when selling (but I’m a woman, not sure all men would agree!) Use this coffee table in a formal lounge or tv room. A round bowl on top would work well and a neat pile of magazines underneath

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Artwork: HALLARYD Picture. I love abstracts when staging. They add impact and colour without being too personal. This fits the bill and is a great price.

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Storage: BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger.  I cannot stress enough the difference that proper hangers will give your wardrobes. Please treat yourself and your house. You will have them forever and never look back!

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Chairs:  I always try to use an occasional chair when staging. They always add a bit of interest to an interior. Pick one that looks good from the front and the back. This HÖGSTEN Armchair looks like it was bought from a top end store but at $149 its a steal and has lots of uses – outdoors, a bedroom or rumpus

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Cushions:  Cushions make all the difference when staging to sell. They provide colour, texture and interest and make any interior feel more comfortable. This EMMIE KVIST Cushion is a good size and a classic colour and print. It would look lovely with plain white bed linen on a master bed. Buy 2 and place one in front of each pillow

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Lighting: HEKTAR Floor lamp. Brings light into a room (and when staging there is generally not enough light) helps dress an empty corner and makes a great reading vignette with an occasional chair

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Bed Linen: BJÖRNLOKA Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases.  This  classic bed linen (also available in red) looks really smart for a teen room. Good for hamptons, modern or beachy interiors

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Rug: BJÖRNLOKA Rug. Neutral but with classic colours and stripes. Would work with lots of different interiors.

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Want more ideas?  I have started a pinterest board called Home Staging with IKEA 2013/2014.  Click here to see more

I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the western suburbs of Brisbane. If you would like help preparing your house to sell give me a call on 0432994056 or contact me through my website

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