Home staging turns client into a believer!

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As you know I love to style a period property – they have so many beautiful features. But the reality is I’m asked to style dated brick built homes too and the house below fitted right into this category.

The clients, a brother and sister, were selling the property on behalf of their elderly mum who had moved into a smaller place. Their agent had recommended that the house was staged and called me in to meet them. The sister was open to the process but the brother was doubtful that staging would work. I understood his point of view totally. In his eyes he didn’t want to waste his Mum’s equity on something that might not work or that wouldn’t make a difference to the sale of the property. Staging a house is a fairly new concept and, with little data available on its effectiveness, I often have to ask my clients to take a leap of faith. This is what I asked the brother to do.

My clients wanted a fast listing and wanted to work with what they had which was neutral so a good base to work with.  All I asked was for them to take the curtains down.

I’ve written before about house’s talking to me but with this house I picked up cues from my clients too. I wanted to stage the house so it was a more modern version of what it had once been but still ‘in keeping’ with the house. My pet hate is when the staging and the house don’t match. Good staging is a lot more subtle than just plonking furniture into houses to show the purpose of each room.

Here are some before and after photos of the main living area. I loved using the orange. It’s warm and a bit retro at the same time.

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The kitchen was relatively new and a good layout so it just needed some accessories to warm it up.

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The dining area was next to the kitchen. I’ve used these terracotta coloured chairs in a few ‘dated’ houses and they’ve worked really well. They add warmth yet aren’t too ‘trendy trendy’.

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The Master bed in this house was huge. I managed to get my hands on a king sized bed at the furniture warehouse (always a challenge!) then found the wide bedside tables. This sent me off on a bit of a colonial look for this room. I love the lamps and the leather occasional chair. The artwork on the right belonged to  one of my clients. We used quite a few of her pieces throughout the house and they had a big impact. I arranged for an art hanging company (called, you guessed it – The Art of hanging) to hang this artwork as the hire company aren’t insured to do this.  If you are in Brisbane and need some art hanging I can definitely recommend their services. They are super quick and accurate.

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Alongside the master there were 2 other bedrooms. This is one of them. I continued the warm and comfortable look here.

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On install day I’d arranged with the brother to come back to the property to lock up when I left. His response when he saw the house was fabulous. He was taking photos and sitting on the chairs and just being so enthusiastic. “I’m a believer” he said.

A fact backed up by the real estate agent when she wrote:

“I wanted to say thank you for all your help in staging the house so beautifully. The owners are over the moon, their excitement when they saw the dressed house for the first time was unbelievable, they both commented on how you had created a feel for what their parents liked in furnishings, even though you had never met the old couple. I know it will help to sell the home, it looks vibrant and alive rather than sad and empty. All the best, Shall call you again!”

So.. after all that, did it sell? It surely did . Here’s the agent again:

The home went under contract at the first inspection and the first inspection was before the first open house. I know that having the home dressed helped in securing this offer so soon“.

So there you have it, another home staging success story – and a home staging convert into the bargain


I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If you are a non believer and want to chat or a believer and want your house staged then you can contact me through my website or on 0432994056








4 thoughts on “Home staging turns client into a believer!

  1. Leisa says:

    Looks fantastic! Yes you can work wonders on any property with the right style, it’s just finding what works and doesn’t with the shell you have. I have seen some amazing insides on some very ordinary outside looking houses….hidden treasures if you will. Leisa 🙂

    1. ib69 says:

      Agreed Leisa. Trick is to be sympathetic to the needs of the house

  2. Maree Quinn says:

    Hi Imogen Thank you so much for recommending me to Chris – great news, he has listed with me! It is a stunning home and I am looking forward to working hard for Chris.

    I will be in touch because I would love to take you out for lunch as a thank you!

    Talk soon, Maree


    Maree Quinn SALES MANAGER

    RUN Property p. 07 3833 6970 l f. 07 3056 2195 l m. 0434 200 146 a. 2 Murrajong Road, SPRINGWOOD QLD 4127 l e. maree.quinn@run.com.au


    We love feedback. If you would like to provide yours, please email my manager paul.weik@run.com.au

    1. ib69 says:

      Great news Maree. Saw the video and photos today. House looks fantastic. Wishing you well for the sale

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