Home Staging: It’s more than buying ‘Package B’

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My latest 2 clients have both given me the same piece of feedback – that I spent time thinking about what each house needed and didn’t just offer an ‘off the shelf’ package.

To paraphrase one of those clients: ‘you were here for a couple of hours. You told me what to store, what to leave and what you were going to hire by room. What you did was comprehensive. The other staging company were in the house for 20 minutes and I felt sure they were just selling me Package B.  You were also a lot cheaper because you only hired what you thought I needed.’

That’s the thing with staging to sell. Every property I see is different, is aiming at a different buyer, is in a different location, has a different layout. In terms of furniture required each room requires different furniture and in a different style.  The approach is (and should be) different every time. If the house is occupied not vacant these differences will be even more apparent. Maybe the client has a bed but needs bedlinen. Maybe they have 2 bedside tables but they are better used in the kid rooms, and on it goes.

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Staging is not just plonking a package into a house. Staging should deliver a bespoke approach not a ‘one size fits all’ package.  This takes time, thought and planning and, I believe, better results.


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