Home Staging: Tell me “did it sell?”

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I staged a house in Wynnum recently.

I was showing the agent round at the end of the install and said “let me know how the marketing campaign and auction progresses, I’m always pleased to find out a house I’ve staged has sold”  He replied “I would never have thought to keep you up to date. I thought that you just staged the house and that was it”

I might be getting a bit above myself. I know I’m a service provider but I do what I do for a reason – to help my clients sell up and move on. I need to know the outcome!

For me, I know when I’ve done a good job staging a house but I never think it’s a success until the house has sold.  The furniture I’d used to stage a house 8 weeks ago came back to the warehouse last week because the house hasn’t sold.  I know that staging is only part of the overall sale – the price and the marketing/photos/agent have a role to play too. I also know that without staging my client would definitely not have sold the house but I still hate to think of a house not selling. The ultimate goal of what I do is not just to make a house present well, it’s to make the house more saleable and to sell for the best price available.

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Many of the houses I stage require upgrades to make them more appealing and move in ready. These upgrades can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. The aim, always is to get a return on the time and money invested. It’s great when a house sells to be able to see the return on investment. To see that staging works.

I can’t help feeling involved in the sale of my client’s houses. I see myself as their coach, giving them advice as to what colour to paint the walls, where to go for a bathroom upgrade, that they can sort out their kid’s rooms by next Tuesday. I give them the advice and the motivation to present their houses for sale.  When I don’t get to hear the sales result It’s like a coach sending their swimmer off to a swim meet and then not hearing the result. I’d be asking “Did you win?”

So, what happened to the house on the bayside?  I received this e-mail on Saturday afternoon

“Imogen, Just wanted to let you know Wynnum sold under the hammer today. Thank you for your help with the staging!”

Happy? You bet!!

I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. If you are looking for someone to help present your house for sale then I’d love to help. But don’t forget to tell me when it sells!  Contact me on 0432994056 or through my website

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