Home Staging – one size does NOT fit all


One of the things I love most about my job is that new 2 jobs are the same. This is because no 2 properties are the same and certainly no 2 clients are the same.

There is a general perception still that property styling is ‘just’ for vacant houses when, for example, the tenants have moved out or the family has moved on. This is far from the norm and I’m thinking of tackling why this is the case in a separate post.

A stager said to me on Instagram the other day that she didn’t feel that she could share all her staging on Instagram because it didn’t look ‘impressive’ enough. I say, Go ahead!  The more that other stagers, agents and all importantly home owners see the range of options available when preparing a property to sell the more they will feel staging at some level is for them and the more the market will grow.

To illustrate the above, below are the different home staging projects I’ve worked on recently.

Partial stage in Corinda

A stunning large Queenslander on a prestigious road in Corinda. The interiors were dated yet beautiful. My clients wanted me to ‘polish what was there’, not take everything out and replace with all new furniture. Basically it didn’t need it’s soul staged out of it.  I hired some pieces – bedlinen, cushions, accessories and blended these in with my clients existing pieces.


Display units in Holland Park

My client, a developer needed me to stage the 2 bed apartment below for 3 months with an option to extend and move the unit to a different apartment.


Consult only in Cleveland

My client was on a budget so I knew before the consult that I’d need to use only the items I found in house. I call this ‘shopping the house’ and it’s really rewarding to do. More than anything this house required changed layouts and taking out some of the furniture.


Vacant House in Wilston

High end vacant house in Windsor. The tenants HAD moved out of this one! I recommend using Domayne Hire for houses of this level as they have a great range of quality furniture.

Consult plus in Oxley

This great family house in Oxley needed an initial consultation using what my clients already had. I also recommended swapping out some of the lights in the house. Mostly this house was missing great art. Cue Trevor at MMDesigner art who hires out art to the stylists in Brisbane. After a consult most of my clients make the changes I recommend themselves. This time I came back before the photos to help pull everything together. 


Vacant house in Annerley with Existing client art

My clients had moved out of their house in Annerley and left all their fantastic art (and great light fitting) I needed to use their art as a starting point and build the furniture and accessories round this so that it all worked seamlessly. 


Partial stage in Wights Mountain

This acreage house was dated and the furniture dark. The challenge here was to lighten the feel whilst keeping a country look. A partial stage using Guest hire Furniture.


In the moment staging in Windsor

My client rang to tell me her floors had just been re-polished and the furniture plonked back into the house in no real order and she needed help to prepare the house for sale.  I arranged a removal company to turn up at the same time as me, move items round the house as directed and then take the unwanted items to storage. This was very ‘in the moment’, I had to come up with a vision quickly then make sure it all came together. The above process left a few gaps that were filled with hire furniture. I spent a couple of hours before the photos pulling it all together


High end partial stage in Samford

This house had a very distinctive eclectic style. It needed careful blending of hire furniture. Domayne hire to the rescue again.

New build in Graceville

This is the 3rd time I’ve worked with this builder. Staging is always done to a budget so we staged all but 2 bedrooms to help bring the price down. I used Guest hire for this one


A ‘Flip’ in Boondall

This sweet Queenslander was renovated to sell by my clients. It need a full furniture package from Guest (minus a couple of bedrooms to keep costs down).


Consult only in Springfield

Often my clients have got a great idea of what to do already, they just need an objective pair of eyes to tell them they are on the right track. What a lovely job my client did here.

  Buying in Pullenvale

My client was happy to buy not hire as she knew she would use the items in her new home. I helped her source the pieces – mainly cushions, art and smaller pieces of furniture such as chairs. She had great style and the house was amazing so this was a hugely enjoyable project. 

Looking back over these images I’m most proud of the fact that these properties all look so different and so it should be. Staging isn’t a one size fits all exercise. It needs to feel relevant to the house and the most likely buyer and also needs to fit in with the client, their budget and timing.

I’m Imogen Brown, a property stylist working in Brisbane, Australia. Contact me through my website or connect with me on Instagram


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