Home Staging: Fortune favours clients who back themselves

“I love it when home staging clients back themselves” said an agent the other day.

We were discussing a couple who had worked so hard getting their house ready for sale. Yard work, cleaning, moving items into storage, storing and boxing away a lot of family clutter and moving furniture where I’d instructed so that I could bring in hire furniture. Basically they’d done everything I’d asked them to do – even stocking a bar fridge! 

When I turn up on install day most of my clients are ready for a sit down (and by the end of the day it’s me who needs the sit down). There is a direct correlation between how tired a client is and how ready their house is.

There are no half measures when selling a house. There’s no point paying for home staging then cutting corners on the photographer. There is no point buying a half page in the local paper if your property isn’t well prepared, and no point hiring furniture when the carpets need replacing and the walls painting. As the saying goes “if you’re going to get wet, you may as well go swimming”  It’s the swimmers who are lapping all the other houses on the market.

So, what happened to my hard working clients from the other day? Staged and photographed on Thursday and under offer for a great price by Friday. I love it when my home staging clients back themselves.

I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in Brisbane, Australia. If you are ready to back yourself and need help with how to go about it then contact me through my website or call me on 0432994056

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