Home Staging reality: “I’ve been everywhere man”

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I’ve just put the phone down to a client I’m seeing next week in Sheldon. Scanning across the rest of the week I know that by the end of it I’ll be saying “I’ve been everywhere man”

Here’s the list from the top

Day 1: Raby Bay then Scarborough (2 x consult/measure)

Day 2: Salisbury (furniture warehouse for a selection in Cashmere)

Day 3: Edens Landing then Kuraby (Measure and quote followed by measure and quote)

Day 4: Hamilton (Consult/measure) then Albany Creek (Measure and quote) then Sheldon (consult and measure)

Day 5: Kenmore (Install)

Day 6 Bracken Ridge (Consult) then St Lucia (Consult) followed by my daughter’s semi-formal!

Pass the wine…

Yes, there are 6 days in my working week at the moment.

No, I didn’t know where half these places were either *calls up google maps whilst talking to client*

When people ask me if I like my car it’s the hands-free phone that I talk about not the fact my car has 4 wheels and an engine.

I know more words to the top 20 Countdown than my 2 teenage daughters. “I got issues” Everybody joins in… “But you got ’em too”

On a serious note aimed at my fellow stagers:

  1. The above is a great illustration of why you need to charge for consults and to measure and quote. If I didn’t charge for these next week I would only be making money on 2¬†days and for a weekly income, that’s not very much.
  2. You’ve got to be prepared to go where the jobs are. If I only took on jobs within 10 km of my house I would have 1 job next week.
  3. The above is the behind the scenes work that goes into the pretty bit you see on Instagram. 

See you on the road !

I’m Imogen Brown, a home stager based in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. If you are looking to put your house on the market (and you live in Greater Brisbane!) then get in touch through my website, or on 0432994056


4 thoughts on “Home Staging reality: “I’ve been everywhere man”

  1. Bellana says:

    Great article with great ideas

  2. Anna says:

    Agreed with your thoughts.

    1. excitemedia says:

      Thanks Anna : )

  3. Totally agree Imogen – what a great article and rule for the rest of us Property Stylists and Home Stagers to live by.

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