06th May, 2017 in Home Stagers , In the News

Home Staging reality: “I’ve been everywhere man”

Source: Inky Editions I've just put the phone down to a client I'm seeing next week in Sheldon. Scanning across the rest of the week I know that by the end of it I'll be saying "I've been everywhere man" Here's the list from the top Day 1: Raby Bay then Scarborough (2 x consult/measure) Day 2: Salisbury (furniture warehouse for a selection... Read more >
15th March, 2017 in Agents , Home Stagers

The 7 habits of a stager’s favourite agent

  Since starting out as a property stylist in 2011 I've worked with, met and talked to a lot of agents.  I've had good experiences and bad. I nearly wrote a post focussed on the bad experiences, a more therapeutic exercise no doubt but not very helpful. Instead, I've applied the theory that by illustrating what good behaviour looks... Read more >

The rise of partial staging – what it means for stagers, agents, furniture hire companies and home owners.

Since I started staging over 6 years ago, I've noticed a growing trend; more and more of my staging jobs are for partial staging (where a percentage of my clients furniture is kept and hire furniture is added in). There are 2 potential reasons for this: I have become known as the 'Partial Queen'  and the 'go to' person for partial... Read more >
25th February, 2016 in Home Stagers

Home Stagers – what’s the opposite of a purple patch?

My car in a purple patchI've weighed up over the last couple of days whether to write this post as I don't want it to come off as a complaining stylist with first world problems. However I know that a lot of other stylists read my blog or follow me on social media and that by looking at my feed you would think that every day was a staging... Read more >
07th January, 2016 in Home Stagers

What 5 years as a home stager has taught me

I started my home staging business 5 years ago at the same time as the 2011 Brisbane floods. A terrible time for countless Brisbane families and terrible timing to be setting up a real estate related business.Yet, here I am 5 years later with a solid home staging business.I know that a lot of readers of my blog are budding or fellow home stagers... Read more >

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