21st July, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

Property Styling Pet Peeves

What I love most about the staging and property styling industry is that there isn't one way to style a house. All stylists have different ways of working and think different things look good.However, the ugly truth about being a stylist (and I hope not just my ugly truth) is that sometimes I'll find myself looking at a property listing and think... Read more >
25th May, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

Good Home Staging is a feeling

I've been trying to find the words to explain the difference between a well staged and poorly staged house.I realised today that I can't find the words because good staging is a feeling.I think we've all experienced walking into a property that on paper doesn't tick all the boxes but that just 'feels right'.  It's something to do with seeing a... Read more >
20th May, 2015 in Before and After

Home Staging Before and After (part IV)

Time for some more before and after photos from the last couple of months.First up, this lovely one bed plus sunroom apartment in an Art Deco building in New Farm. The mostly likely buyer was a single woman in her 30's or 40's, I styled the apartment with a nod to deco. It was elegant without being too girly. This was snapped up by a buyer's agent... Read more >
04th May, 2015 in Home Stagers

Home Stagers: how to find your staging niche

When I first started out as a home stager in 2011 I had 2 criteria for prospective clients:1. Are you alive? 2. Will you pay me?Over time I've worked out what houses I love to style and what clients I love to work with. Also, over that time the home staging market in Brisbane has grown and more and more people are starting a home staging... Read more >
23rd March, 2015 in Agents

Home Staging: Tell me “did it sell?”

I staged a house in Wynnum recently.I was showing the agent round at the end of the install and said "let me know how the marketing campaign and auction progresses, I'm always pleased to find out a house I've staged has sold"  He replied "I would never have thought to keep you up to date. I thought that you just staged the house and that was... Read more >
21st February, 2015 in Before and After

Home Staging: Before and after (part III)

I'm typing this as the last effects of Cyclone Marcia pass over my house in Brisbane. My thoughts especially are with a lovely lady called Emma. She's renovating a beach house at Keppel sands and I've been following her progress on Instagram. Yesterday her roof got ripped off in the cyclone. Our homes and the families who live within them are so... Read more >
15th February, 2015 in Home Stagers

50 home stager actions that beat waiting for the phone to ring

I've had a couple of new home stagers contact me recently saying something along the lines of:  'I've got my website ready and printed my business cards and I'm raring to go but the phone's not ringing - what do I do?'I remember this well. It took me 6 months to get my first client. 6 months of setting myself daily tasks whilst stopping the... Read more >
10th January, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

The house is the star (not the stager)

A conversation with another stylist at the furniture warehouse prompted this post. He was talking about a previous job as a merchandiser in a furniture store. His brief was that 'the furniture is the star' so any merchandising needed to support that. He left when his new boss arrived and started placing cushions on the TV units!I said that for me,... Read more >

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