21st December, 2014 in Before and After

Home Staging: Before and after (Part II)

Things are quietening down now in readiness for Christmas, just one more consultation tomorrow. Thought I'd take the time to share some more before and after pictures from recent properties that I've staged:First up, this fabulous house on the river in Teneriffe. I selected this at a time of very low stock in the warehouse and it was the cause of... Read more >
15th November, 2014 in Home Stagers

The 5 characteristics of a successful home stager

I was talking to a budding home stager the other day about what it takes to be a home stager. I was trying to explain that being good at styling was a good start but not all that was required to be successful.This got me thinking about the characteristics of a successful home stager.  Here's my list:1. CreativityBit of an all encompassing one,... Read more >
28th September, 2014 in Before and After

Home Staging Before and After

Blessed (and a bit stressed!) to have been so busy in the last couple of months staging houses. Haven't even had time to blog which isn't like me because I love to write my blog.But here I am on a Sunday evening, the house is clean, no food to cook, admin all done so I thought I'd share a few houses I've staged since I last blogged.First up, a... Read more >
15th July, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

For the love of a Queenslander

 View back onto my QueenslanderJust putting it out there; I love to stage a Queenslander. I would be a happy home stager indeed if I could specialise in staging this fabulous type of house.I grew up in a modern house, as did my husband but we've spent our married life in period properties - firstly in London and now in Brisbane, Australia.... Read more >
14th July, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

Home Staging: It’s more than buying ‘Package B’

My latest 2 clients have both given me the same piece of feedback - that I spent time thinking about what each house needed and didn't just offer an 'off the shelf' package.To paraphrase one of those clients: 'you were here for a couple of hours. You told me what to store, what to leave and what you were going to hire by room. What you did was... Read more >

Home Staging – Not a half way house

 One of my future projects is to stage a vacant house. I'm staging the living and outdoor spaces plus the master bedroom but not staging the remaining bedrooms or the office. There are special circumstances surrounding the house but really I hate to only stage part of a house - the first time I've ever agreed to do it.As I write this post I... Read more >
16th June, 2014 in How to...

How to plan the furniture layout when staging a house to sell.

 I measured up at a partly furnished house this morning for hire furniture.  It struck me after the consult that I'm getting quicker and more decisive about  what goes where. Finally!With this in mind I thought I'd share with you how I go about planning the furniture layout. Whether you are a budding stager or are wanting to prepare your... Read more >
15th June, 2014 in Facts and Figures

Latest RESA proof that Home Staging works

The Real Estate Staging Association based in the US compiles a yearly report called the Consumer's guide to Real Estate Staging  It covers many areas but most interesting is their research into days on market for staged vs un staged homes.To read the full report click here but I thought I'd share the top line.The first part of the study looks at... Read more >

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