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15th March, 2017 in Agents , Home Stagers

The 7 habits of a stager’s favourite agent

  Since starting out as a property stylist in 2011 I've worked with, met and talked to a lot of agents.  I've had good experiences and bad. I nearly wrote a post focussed on the bad experiences, a more therapeutic exercise no doubt but not very helpful. Instead, I've applied the theory that by illustrating what good behaviour looks... Read more >

The rise of partial staging – what it means for stagers, agents, furniture hire companies and home owners.

Since I started staging over 6 years ago, I've noticed a growing trend; more and more of my staging jobs are for partial staging (where a percentage of my clients furniture is kept and hire furniture is added in). There are 2 potential reasons for this: I have become known as the 'Partial Queen'  and the 'go to' person for partial... Read more >
23rd March, 2015 in Agents

Home Staging: Tell me “did it sell?”

I staged a house in Wynnum recently.I was showing the agent round at the end of the install and said "let me know how the marketing campaign and auction progresses, I'm always pleased to find out a house I've staged has sold"  He replied "I would never have thought to keep you up to date. I thought that you just staged the house and that was... Read more >
15th February, 2014 in Agents

Real Estate Agents: So you’re thinking of using a home stager?

Home staging is a growth industry in Australia with more and more agents staging their listings.If you are an agent and you want to know more about home staging (or property styling as it is also known) or want to decide if it's right for you and your clients then I hope the information below helps:Firstly, What is home staging?How your sellers... Read more >
04th June, 2013 in Agents , Home Staging Principles

Home Staging – It’s not just a club for elites.

  When I tell people I’m a home stager their response is usually either "what’s that?" or “that’s furnishing posh properties to sell, isn’t it?” Well yes. But mostly no.Home staging is a relatively new concept in Australia. Until it is better understood by vendors, agents, and stagers themselves, misconceptions will remain.Here are... Read more >
08th November, 2012 in Agents

Selling houses Australia: The real estate agent said what?!

I love it when my run at the gym coincides with Selling Houses Australia on TV. Yesterday the show focussed on a couple who had been trying to sell their house on and off for 7 years!Obviously they had used just about every agent in the neighbourhood over the years.I always love the part in the show when Andrew Winter (the host, and a fellow Pom)... Read more >
11th October, 2011 in Agents

Agents: “What’s in home staging for me?”

Most of us are motivated by thinking 'what's in it for me?  and real estate agents are no different. When people like me send you information on home staging and how it will help your clients there is no motivation to use me without knowing 'what's in it for you?'  You're probably thinking, "my houses sell OK" or, "I've never needed a home... Read more >

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