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20th May, 2015 in Before and After

Home Staging Before and After (part IV)

Time for some more before and after photos from the last couple of months.First up, this lovely one bed plus sunroom apartment in an Art Deco building in New Farm. The mostly likely buyer was a single woman in her 30's or 40's, I styled the apartment with a nod to deco. It was elegant without being too girly. This was snapped up by a buyer's agent... Read more >
21st February, 2015 in Before and After

Home Staging: Before and after (part III)

I'm typing this as the last effects of Cyclone Marcia pass over my house in Brisbane. My thoughts especially are with a lovely lady called Emma. She's renovating a beach house at Keppel sands and I've been following her progress on Instagram. Yesterday her roof got ripped off in the cyclone. Our homes and the families who live within them are so... Read more >
21st December, 2014 in Before and After

Home Staging: Before and after (Part II)

Things are quietening down now in readiness for Christmas, just one more consultation tomorrow. Thought I'd take the time to share some more before and after pictures from recent properties that I've staged:First up, this fabulous house on the river in Teneriffe. I selected this at a time of very low stock in the warehouse and it was the cause of... Read more >
28th September, 2014 in Before and After

Home Staging Before and After

Blessed (and a bit stressed!) to have been so busy in the last couple of months staging houses. Haven't even had time to blog which isn't like me because I love to write my blog.But here I am on a Sunday evening, the house is clean, no food to cook, admin all done so I thought I'd share a few houses I've staged since I last blogged.First up, a... Read more >
08th January, 2014 in Before and After

Staging a 1901 Colonial on 88 Acres – Before and After pictures

What a joy to be able to stage this beautiful 1901 Colonial near Samford, Queensland.  The property is on 88 acres of horse friendly land and the views from the property are just gorgeous (see below)The fixed elements of the property - wall colour, flooring, window treatments, bathroom were all ready to go.  The owners also had some beautiful... Read more >

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