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The rise of partial staging – what it means for stagers, agents, furniture hire companies and home owners.

Since I started staging over 6 years ago, I've noticed a growing trend; more and more of my staging jobs are for partial staging (where a percentage of my clients furniture is kept and hire furniture is added in). There are 2 potential reasons for this: I have become known as the 'Partial Queen'  and the 'go to' person for partial... Read more >

Home Staging – Not a half way house

 One of my future projects is to stage a vacant house. I'm staging the living and outdoor spaces plus the master bedroom but not staging the remaining bedrooms or the office. There are special circumstances surrounding the house but really I hate to only stage part of a house - the first time I've ever agreed to do it.As I write this post I... Read more >
10th June, 2014 in Hiring Furniture

Home staging turns client into a believer!

 As you know I love to style a period property - they have so many beautiful features. But the reality is I'm asked to style dated brick built homes too and the house below fitted right into this category.The clients, a brother and sister, were selling the property on behalf of their elderly mum who had moved into a smaller place. Their agent... Read more >

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