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22nd April, 2014 in Hiring Furniture

From tenants vacating to sold in less than 2 weeks

Early in March I got a call from prospective clients in Corinda. Their tenants were in the process of moving out, leaving the property vacant and they wanted to list as soon as possible.The house was a Queenslander. I love to stage any house but especially love staging Queenslanders. I  live in one myself and feel that I understand what they need... Read more >
27th February, 2014 in Hiring Furniture

Family house: sold in 2 days Home Staging Works

2 days after this house on Brisbane's Northside listed I received the above text from my client. 2 weeks later the contract went unconditional and the furniture was picked up.  Now that's what I call a quick sell!This project came through a switched on agent who knew the owner needed help preparing her home to sell. In our initial consultation we... Read more >
24th November, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

Home Staging + video = great presentation: SOLD!! This house I staged sold under the hammer at auction on Saturday. This was my client's family house but they now live overseas and their children have grown so it's now time to sell to another family. When I first measured up for furniture the tenants had just moved out and the house was empty. The... Read more >
28th October, 2013 in Hiring Furniture , Home Stagers

Home Staging install day. NOT just arranging cushions!

I've been a bit quiet on the blog recently. Spring is a busy time of year for me as lots of properties list so I've been making some hay whilst the Queensland spring sun shines.One of the properties that I've styled recently has just sold so I thought I'd share some before and after pictures whilst giving you a bit of a behind the scenes of an... Read more >
11th September, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

Sold before listing. That’s the way to do it!

Look at this stunning Queenslander in Brisbane. Now that's what I call street appeal. So happy to find out I was staging this one!My clients owned this beautifully renovated home. However they knew that some of their furniture didn't do it justice and asked me to use what they had but hire furniture and accessories where necessary to lift the look... Read more >
29th June, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

So, you’re thinking of staging your vacant house to sell?

You've probably found this post as you are considering staging your vacant property to sell, or you may have decided to stage but don't know how to go about it.All home stagers and property stylists work in different ways but the principles are the same.This is how I work:Process1. Initial consultation and measure up. This is a 2 hour... Read more >
10th June, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

Not sure about home staging? Read what my clients have to say.

 Home staging is a new concept to many and you might have visited my website or blog because you are thinking of selling your property. With this in mind I have asked four recent clients about their experiences of home staging. All clients started with a home staging consultation. For two of them this was all they needed to prepare their homes to... Read more >
30th May, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

Styling a display home…. Lot 192

I wrote recently about Lot 193 a display home I styled in the Rochedale estate here in Brisbane.  Today I want to show you some before and after pictures from it's next door neighbour... Lot 192.Both homes have been built by H4 Living. The before photos were taken by me (can't you tell?!) and the after (with the exception of a couple) by the... Read more >
27th May, 2013 in Hiring Furniture

Styling a display home… Lot 193

I've recently styled 2 display homes in the Rochedale estate in Brisbane. My client, the owner of  H4 Living  had some beautiful photos taken so I wanted to share them with you.This first set is from Lot 193. I worked with the client and then the owner (this display home was sold during the build) on all of the interior specifications. Then... Read more >

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