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The rise of partial staging – what it means for stagers, agents, furniture hire companies and home owners.

Since I started staging over 6 years ago, I've noticed a growing trend; more and more of my staging jobs are for partial staging (where a percentage of my clients furniture is kept and hire furniture is added in). There are 2 potential reasons for this: I have become known as the 'Partial Queen'  and the 'go to' person for partial... Read more >
21st July, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

Property Styling Pet Peeves

What I love most about the staging and property styling industry is that there isn't one way to style a house. All stylists have different ways of working and think different things look good.However, the ugly truth about being a stylist (and I hope not just my ugly truth) is that sometimes I'll find myself looking at a property listing and think... Read more >
25th May, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

Good Home Staging is a feeling

I've been trying to find the words to explain the difference between a well staged and poorly staged house.I realised today that I can't find the words because good staging is a feeling.I think we've all experienced walking into a property that on paper doesn't tick all the boxes but that just 'feels right'.  It's something to do with seeing a... Read more >
10th January, 2015 in Home Staging Principles

The house is the star (not the stager)

A conversation with another stylist at the furniture warehouse prompted this post. He was talking about a previous job as a merchandiser in a furniture store. His brief was that 'the furniture is the star' so any merchandising needed to support that. He left when his new boss arrived and started placing cushions on the TV units!I said that for me,... Read more >
15th July, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

For the love of a Queenslander

 View back onto my QueenslanderJust putting it out there; I love to stage a Queenslander. I would be a happy home stager indeed if I could specialise in staging this fabulous type of house.I grew up in a modern house, as did my husband but we've spent our married life in period properties - firstly in London and now in Brisbane, Australia.... Read more >
14th July, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

Home Staging: It’s more than buying ‘Package B’

My latest 2 clients have both given me the same piece of feedback - that I spent time thinking about what each house needed and didn't just offer an 'off the shelf' package.To paraphrase one of those clients: 'you were here for a couple of hours. You told me what to store, what to leave and what you were going to hire by room. What you did was... Read more >

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