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Home Staging – Not a half way house

 One of my future projects is to stage a vacant house. I'm staging the living and outdoor spaces plus the master bedroom but not staging the remaining bedrooms or the office. There are special circumstances surrounding the house but really I hate to only stage part of a house - the first time I've ever agreed to do it.As I write this post I... Read more >
24th May, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

Home Staging: It’s all in the layers

I was minding my own business in the furniture warehouse the other day when 0ne of the delivery guys came up to me and said "I always know when I have to pick up one of your staging jobs because you use so many accessories and I have to pack them all up when the house has sold""Sorry Noel"But actually, I'm not sorry.I've said this before and I'm... Read more >
19th May, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

Good home staging isn’t cheap

  I came across this quote the other day on the Rooms in Bloom twitter feed. They are a home staging company based in Ontario, Canada and I always enjoy reading their blog.I've been mulling a blog post on this very subject for a while now and this quote encapsulates everything I wanted to say.Home Staging or Property styling is still a... Read more >
16th March, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

People who stage their property: No. 2 Downsizers

This is the second post in a series called  "people who stage their property" The first post was about families. This post considers downsizersI love working with downsizers...Their properties are often most in need of home staging because the decor and furniture are datedThey live in sometimes overwhelmingly large and cluttered houses.They are... Read more >
28th January, 2014 in Home Staging Principles

People who stage their property: No. 1 Busy families

This is the start of an occasional series looking at who my clients are and why they choose home staging to help sell their properties.First up is busy families (a subject close to my heart).  In the last week I've staged one house and selected for 2 houses and all were owned by busy families. All had moved out/are moving out in order for me to... Read more >
30th December, 2013 in Home Staging Principles

Home Stager as House Whisperer

I love reading Staging Diva's blog. I trained with her and she always has something interesting and relevant to say about home staging. A recent post titled: Home Stagers, Do houses speak to you? caught my eye.  Her post and the comments it provoked from other stagers seemed to agree that houses 'speak' to stagers and tell them what they need to... Read more >
01st December, 2013 in Home Staging Principles

Home Staging: Talkin’ ’bout your Generation

Some interesting research has come out of America this week looking at what constitutes a dream house for the different generations - Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y.The market research company GfK Roper Reports asked 1,000 American homeowners to prioritize the amenities they'd have in their dream home -- not necessarily amenities they already have,... Read more >

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