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24th April, 2014 in Shopping

Where to source art when staging your property to sell

Source: Freedom It happens all the time. I'm helping a client present their house to sell and their artwork is either 'wrong' for the house or non existent. Also, I usually take family photos down from the walls leaving a glaring space.Good artwork is a key component in styling a house to sell but good artwork can be very expensive and not... Read more >
04th November, 2013 in Shopping

Home Staging with IKEA 2013/2014

I wasn't sent an IKEA catalogue in the post this year. I know, it's a disaster!  Luckily I had to drive past IKEA Logan the other day on the way back from a home staging consultation so I grabbed the chance of a look around whilst grabbing a catalogue too.I've written about home staging with IKEA before but lots of people come to my blog with the... Read more >
05th August, 2013 in Shopping

Staging to sell or stay the Freedom way

Freedom have just launched their new products for Spring/Summer 2013.  If you are selling this Spring or just want to rejuvenate what you've already got then Freedom is worth a look.  The picture above is my family room with the Freedom cushions I bought last week. New cushions are one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room. Most men... Read more >
15th July, 2013 in Shopping

Staged to stay. How to live in your ‘best home’ all the time

 Inspiration sourceThe core of my business is staging properties to sell. At the end of the process my clients often say to me "I don't want to move. I wish my house could have looked like this whilst I lived here".My Staged to Stay offering does just that. Helps clients live in their 'best home' not just when selling but all the time.My... Read more >
01st May, 2013 in In the News , Shopping

Home Staging the Pottery Barn way

My social media stream has been full of excitement today. This is the day that Pottery Barn, West Elm, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn kids have launched in Bondi, Sydney. For those of us who don't live in Sydney the great news is that each store has an Australian website where you can buy on-line and have anything delivered anywhere in... Read more >
27th January, 2013 in Shopping

Bedlinen when selling your house: What you need and where to buy it.

SourceDuring a home staging consultation I often recommend that my clients buy new bedlinen. It's the easiest way to freshen and brighten a bedroom and gives a great return on investment.The 2 questions clients then ask are:  "What kind of bedlinen and where do I buy it from?"Firstly, what kind of bedlinen?1.  Buy what you like (with a couple of... Read more >
01st November, 2012 in Shopping

Selling your house and need new carpets? You’ve come to the right place.

Laying new carpets before you sell a property is a great update and will deliver a good return on investment as long as you do it right.For this blog I turned to a local expert, Kathy Reed who, with her husband Stuart, owns Choices Centenary in the Jindalee Homemaker Centre.  I always recommend Kathy to my clients as she is professional (and the... Read more >
12th September, 2012 in Shopping

The 6 best shops when staging your house to sell

When preparing your house to sell, time and money are often in short supply so I've done the hard yards for you and chosen my six top  stores for home staging.  Some of these stores e.g. IKEA offer a 1 stop shop. Others, like Beacon are more focussed. All offer value for money. Remember, staging is all about return on your investment. The idea... Read more >
29th August, 2012 in Shopping

Home Staging ‘Best of’ from the 2013 IKEA Catalogue

I've received the 2013 IKEA catalogue. Have you?If you need to fill in a few gaps or buy accessories before you list your house then a trip to IKEA is a good idea.  Big range, great prices, one stop shop, great meatballs!  The trick with IKEA is to:Make a detailed list before you go (you can do this online)Be speficic: e.g. Red vase for entry... Read more >

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