Home staging is simply the merchandising of a house to capture the hearts and offers of potential buyers so that the house gets sold quickly, for the best price and with the least stress.


Why does Home Staging Work?


Homebuyers shop with logic yet buy on emotion. Most of us have experienced buying a house because it ‘just feels right’ even though it might not meet all of our listed criteria. Home staging aims to create this emotional connection with buyers.

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Few prospective homebuyers can visualise a home’s potential unless it’s staring them in the face. They can’t look past disorganised or crowded rooms or visualise what an empty room looks like with furniture. Buyers get distracted with all the little things that need doing or mending. With Home Staging buyers don’t need to imagine a house at its best, as all the work has been done for them.

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Buyers are busy people. They want a house that is move in ready. They watch Home TV shows and read the magazines. They are looking for something as close to ideal as possible whatever their budget.  Home Staging aims to come as close to the ideal as possible whatever the price point of the house



Genius Staging!


I just wanted you to know that our house listed last Thursday and we had a signed contract on it by that evening. I’m certain that your advice on presentation and your genius staging had a large part to play in the quick result. Seller, Acacia Ridge 


What's in it for me?

Faster Sale  
  • A staged house sells twice as quickly as a non staged house (source: Coldwell Banker US study) and often a lot faster than that. The longer a house stays on the market the further the price will drop (Source National Association of Real Estate Agents) so this also impacts the price you will achieve.
Higher Price
  • A Staged house sells for c. 6% over asking price (source: Coldwell Banker US study). 
Return on investment
  • The average staging investment is between 1-3% of the asking price. This generates a return on investment of 8-10% (Source: National Association of Real Estate Agents).
Your listing will stand out
  • With over 90% of potential buyers searching online first a staged house will stand it well vs the competition
Less Stress
  •  With me on your side and an action list in your hands you will have a clear idea of how to prepare your house for sale. If you need additional help e.g. hiring furniture I can arrange all of this for you.
  • A quicker sale means less open houses and less worry about not being able to sell and ‘move on’.

Thank you so much!


The house looks great. One huge stress blown away. Seller, Albany Creek


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What's the process?

1. Consult or Measure

The majority of projects start with a consult. We cover most likely buyer, room purpose, room layout, repairs and maintenance, upgrades where required, colours, flooring, window treatments, paint, lighting, kitchens and bathrooms, yard, what needs to be stored, what stays, how to style what remains, what to shop for and everything inbetween. If you require hire furniture (either a full house or to supplement existing furniture) I will measure for this within the consult and get a quote for you.

If your house will be empty and move in ready and all you need is hire furniture the consult becomes a measure only followed by a quote.

2. Selection

If you need hire furniture I then go to the furniture warehouse (I am one of only 4 stagers in Brisbane who have access to Guest Hire) and select all the furniture, artwork and accessories.

3. Install day

I meet the delivery truck then install and style everything ready for professional photos.

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You are truly a miracle worker!


Imogen, thank-you for your time this morning, you have taken the guess work out of our sale preparation and as a consequence have lightened the load and stress on me considerably. I was particularly impressed with your ability to work with our existing furniture and other items. Seller, Draper

Before and After photos About me


I’m Imogen Brown, owner of Home Staging Brisbane since 2011.

I live in the Western suburbs of Brisbane with my husband and 3 children. Home staging brings together my 3 loves of real estate, home interiors and people. My background is in advertising, business coaching and administration. I am organised and hardworking, professional, approachable and empathetic. I get on with people and get on with the job.

I am a graduate of Staging Diva. If you are thinking of becoming a home stager you will find more information here:

Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

When I work with homeowners I keep 3 things in mind:

  1. Every dollar spent on getting your house ready for sale needs to deliver a significant return on your investment. I don’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t be prepared to pay for myself or do myself if it was my home.
  2. People move house for many different reasons, not all of them happy and it can be a time consuming, stressful and overwhelming time. I provide real and specific actions and advice so that you can get your house sale ready quickly and with minimum stress. I’m on your side and want you to sell quickly and for the best price so that you can move on.
  3. Most people do not live in a magazine shoot – Most people live in real houses – a bit lived in and filled with possessions gathered along the way. But ALL houses can look their best when it’s time to be sold.

It feels so tranquil!


We have had so many positive comments about your staging… it feels so tranquil. Seller, Yeronga


The Home Staging Brisbane Difference


I don’t stage houses, I create homes that prospective buyers fall in love with. I don’t want buyers to even think ‘this house has been staged’, I want them to fall in love with the idea of making the property their next home. This means that the style needs to be appropriate to the house, its price point and the most likely buyer. The feeling is spacious and tidy yet comfortable and inviting. It’s not about plonking ‘matchy matchy’ hire furniture into a room and resorting to staging cliches such as a breakfast tray on the bed! It’s about creating layers, telling a story, luring in the most likely buyer. I don’t believe people buy perfect houses. I think they buy comfortable, real, liveable and happy homes and that’s what I love to create.


Tasteful & Appropriate!


The house looks great, the staging is very tasteful and appropriate. I’d buy it! Seller, Wynnum


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Quicker Sale, best price, less stress.

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